Our Services

EMDR therapy and spiritual resourcing

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a proven treatment for trauma. Prior to bringing up a specific traumatic memory, we start by building and installing positive experiences in the body.  This stage is called resourcing.  Visualization, music, aromatherapy, shamanic journeying and other somatic interventions can be used at this stage to create a sense of safety for the client and prepare them to confront difficult memories.  These types of interventions can help the client connect with innermost Self.  This is what I refer to as spiritual resourcing.  People that actively engage in this stage get the most of the EMDR treatment in my practice in my experience.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

This intervention is very effective with teens and people suffering from high emotional dysregulation.  DBT combines mindfulness with concrete and efficient behavioral interventions.  Due to my contemplative psychotherapy background, I use DBT skills regularly in my practice.  If you would like something to practice and follow, this might be an intervention that is appropriate for you.  If you want to take action, mindfully and objectively, DBT will help.

For example, the video below outlines distress tolerance techniques that are frequently used in DBT.  Enjoy!

Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Inner Child Work for Adults

To access trauma as well as the inner child alive in all of us, we need to attune to the abstract and what is referred to in Interpersonal Neurobiology as our implicit memory.  Play and art are a great medium to access this part of our brain.  Once we access the unconscious, we are ready to challenge our irrational beliefs and create a new story.  Our inner child is able to express itself through play.  As adults, some of us have lost the connection with the inner child and is my belief and experience in therapy that those of us that nurture that child end up feeling more creative, more passionate in their relationships and more productive at work.


Parenting classes (Spanish only)

We offer parenting classes, in collaboration with the YWCA.  For more information, refer to  this website:  https://www.ywcaboulder.org/classes/

Donation based counseling for immigrants

We are offering counseling to immigrants with no insurance and in need of coaching or counseling services.  For more information about this program, contact Leticia@elcentroamistad.org or call 720-893-0371.


We perform psychological evaluations that can be used for U-Visa applications.