Immigration Evaluations

Are You Worried That You Won’t Be Able To Stay In The US? 

Is your US residency in jeopardy?

Are you scared that you’ll be sent back to your country of origin, but you don’t feel safe there?

Maybe you’ve already created a life for yourself and your family here in the United States. Knowing you could lose what you’ve built through years of hard work makes you anxious.

You may have come to the US to flee danger. Perhaps you were the victim of a crime, suffered from domestic violence, or came here to seek political asylum. Maybe going back to your home country would separate you from a family member who needs your care. You probably want to apply for a visa or become a citizen, but you’re not sure that you’ll be successful. After all, maybe you’re unable to prove what happened to you. Without hard evidence, how can you proceed? 

You May Fear That Your Family Won’t Be Able To Stay Together 

Applying for a visa is a stressful process. On the legal side of things, there’s a lot of red tape to deal with and finding a lawyer isn’t always easy. What’s more, you may be worried that your family will be broken apart by a deportation. You would do anything to keep you and your loved ones together—the thought of separation probably keeps you up at night. 

If you want to stay here in the states without fearing deportation, I would be honored to help you. An immigration evaluation can help you document your mental health struggles and improve your chances of remaining in the US.

Many Immigrants Fear That They’ll Be Sent Back To Their Home Country

Here in Colorado, immigrants make up 10-percent of the population.¹ Many of them were forced to leave their home country because of poverty or violence. Today, they enjoy a new life here and contribute to the community and economic stability of the US in indispensable ways.

At the same time, however, many immigrants fear that they won’t be allowed to stay here. This is why an evaluation is so important. It’s a chance to document their struggles so that the US Citizen & Immigration Services (USCIS) can grant them residency or citizenship.

Immigration Evaluations Can Help You Strengthen Your Case For Staying In The US

Finding a therapist who can provide an immigration evaluation is hard enough, but finding one who is bicultural and speaks Spanish is even harder. That’s why I’m here. As a bicultural, Spanish-speaking counselor, I’ve been writing evaluations for Latinos for years and providing them with emotional support along the way. I know how stressful it is to change your immigration status, but I also know the relief that waits on the other side. 

I specialize in trauma. Most people who seek immigration evaluations have experienced trauma, either in the process of coming to the US or while living here. I will help you understand what trauma is and how it relates to your application. If you would like more psychological support after the immigration evaluation, you are more than welcome to pursue counseling with me. I would like to support you with the required evaluation you need for your immigration process, but I also want to help you emotionally. 

What To Expect During the Evaluation Process

Immigration evaluations look different for each client. The first step is giving you a safe, nonjudgmental space to discuss your situation. Throughout the whole process, I want to be as sensitive and compassionate as possible. I understand that talking about potential trauma is not easy. Instead of focusing on the details of your trauma, we can concentrate on the mental health symptoms you experience so that you stay calm and regulated. 

Your interview is a one-time evaluation. If it’s helpful, you are more than welcome to have other family members participate in the interview. They may be able to offer more information about you or shed light on how a crime you suffered from has impacted your life. 

The psychological evaluation process looks different depending on which immigration option you apply for. If you are a woman who experienced domestic violence, you can apply for legal status under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). If you’re the victim of a crime that happened in the US and you helped law enforcement solve the crime, you can apply for the U-Visa. Lastly, if your children or spouse are US citizens and you leaving the country would cause them extreme hardship, you can apply for a hardship waiver during the evaluation. 

Once we know which option you’re applying under, we will explain your situation in detail in your letter of application. And after the letter is written, I will communicate with your lawyer to make sure the letter has all the information it needs. 

I’ve been working as a therapist since 2009 and performing immigration evaluations since 2014. In that time, I have seen many families improve their quality of life when they change their immigration status. I want the same for you and your loved ones. Changing your immigration status can give you the peace of mind you deserve and ensure that your family remains together.

You May Have Some Questions About Immigration Evaluations…

Because of how much my loved ones and I suffered, I feel guilty profiting off of our experience. 

Part of the healing process is finding new meaning and purpose in the tragedies you suffer. There is no reason to feel guilty—you deserve to have peace and justice in your life. This is a time to make things right. If you’d like to work through these feelings of shame together, you are more than welcome to pursue therapy with me. 

I’m worried about the cost.

Immigration evaluations usually cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000, but not mine. Although I have years of experience writing evaluations, I keep my cost at $400. This includes the interview, various revisions, and conversations with your lawyer. 

I’m nervous to get this evaluation.

I perform evaluations with the same warmth and compassion that I use in therapy. I will bring my counseling skills to our space so that you feel comfortable as we go through the process. Our conversation will be in either Spanish or English and I will patiently explain every step of the way and answer any questions you have.

You Deserve To Experience Peace Of Mind

Changing your immigration status is stressful—that’s why I’m here to walk with you through the process. To get started, you can text or call me at 720-809-7709 and state that you are looking for an immigration evaluation. We will talk for 10-15 minutes to make sure that I am the right person for you!