Why Telehealth Works Well for Trauma Recovery

While most therapists agree that in-person counseling is important, telehealth can actually be a better option for certain clients recovering from trauma. With a reliable internet connection and client commitment, it can be a great tool for recovery. Read More

PTSD and Natural Disasters: How Therapy Can Help You Recover:

EMDR can help by giving your brain a second opportunity to reconsider and reorganize how you see trauma. Studies from natural disasters around the world show that early intervention (the first three months after the trauma occurred) can significantly reduce the psychological distress that acutely traumatized individuals face after a disaster. Read More

Are You an Immigrant Who Witnessed a Crime? What to Do Next

For immigrants in the US, interacting with a law enforcement officer is often the last thing we want to do. But what happens if you witness a crime? What happens if you’re the victim of a crime? How can you keep yourself safe while taking the most responsible actions to move forward? Read More

How EMDR Can Calm the Anxiety of COVID-19

What makes EMDR different from other forms of therapy? EMDR focuses on desensitizing us from our trauma without asking us to go into intense detail about it. This makes it a great alternative to talk-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Read More

How You Can Combat Post Holiday Blues With EMDR Treatment:

Society teaches us that the holidays are a magical time filled with love and fun. As adults, we know that this isn’t necessarily true. All it does is leave us with high (sometimes unrealistic) expectations of ourselves and our families. When those expectations aren’t met, it can worsen our already Read More

Coping with Your Sorrow This Season

When we grieve, every day is different. Some days we feel like ourselves again, and some are colored gray with sorrow. Unfortunately, the world around us goes on at the same pace. Coping on our own is tough, it’s important that we have a strong support network at this time. Read More

Traveling with a Spiritual Purpose

Humans have been traveling to “find themselves” for centuries. From Catholics traveling to holy Rome to Siddartha’s 49-day meditation under the Bo-tree, we are sometimes called to outside spaces so that we can journey further inside ourselves. While not all travel has to be religious, it can always be spiritual or transformational. Read More

7 Ways to Help Your Body Combat the Winter Blues

It’s that magical time of the year where the temperature drops, the sun goes down, and suddenly we’re all a little sadder than we were a couple of weeks ago. We don’t blame ourselves, we blame the sun. Having less sunlight in our lives lowers our levels of serotonin, a Read More

Exploring the Shamanic Journey In Fall and Winter

Any transition of the seasons helps us tap into ourselves and Spirit in a clearer way. Fall specifically signals a time to slow down, reflect, and feel the darker parts of ourselves.  This fall, ask yourself: What is holding you back from inner growth? Where do you feel like things Read More

How You Can Beat Depression with More Connection During the Holiday Season

Even so, connection during the holiday season is deeply important. Many of us experience seasonal depression or the more mild “winter blues”, so it’s important that we attempt to connect with those around us for our own sanity. Let’s talk about how you can beat depression with more connection during the holiday season. Read More

How Light Therapy Can Help You Combat Seasonal Affective Depression

Unlike the winter blues, SAD is a kind of depression, meaning it affects your thinking patterns and daily life. People at risk include young adults, people with other mood disorders, people related to those with mental health conditions, and people who live in far north or cloudy areas. The good news is that there are treatment options available, and one of the most popular is light therapy. Read More


Below are the podcast episodes that Diane has contributed to: Spanish: Pasa La Voz- Técnicas Shamánicas en la Psicoterapia Podcasts about Mindfulness for the Audio Information Network of Colorado  Podcasts about Mindfulness for the Audio Information Network of Colorado (Spanish) Pasa La Voz – May 2015 May 2015 – KGNU Read More